Qualtrics Related Stuff from Across the Web

This repo contains material related to Qualtrics from across the website. While Qualtrics is a great tool, apart from tutorials that will help you get started, advanced stuff, especially related to JavaScript is not so easy to find at one place. Also, in my opinion, the Qualtrics tutorials website favours form over style and the presentation can be overwhelming.
Few resources here are my own1. But I've brought them here, as I think it will save people interested in Qualtrics some time.
The PDFs are a good starting point for someone who has never worked with Qualtrics. Even though some of them are old, the core functionality remains.
Some points to note:
  • I'm not well versed with JS (read as lookup function at stackoverflow) and therefore some of the code may be inelegant and inefficient. Please let me know if you know have a better solution.
  • All code uploaded is working on the day it was uploaded. If it doesn't work for you, please let me know, and we'll check if it's an issue in your implementation or an update from Qualtrics.
1: Please let me know if there are copyright issues. I'll take them down and replace them with a link to them. Also, at present I haven't credited anyone, will do that as things go along. ↩​
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